GILLETTE, NJ -  A Gillette woman, Lisa-Ann Marchesi, is preparing for the Gordon Ramsay masterclass lobster challenge on FOX’s popular series "MasterChef" on Wednesday.

Last week, the remaining 17 cooks were joined by Season 6 winner Claudia Sandoval and guest culinary judge Aarón Sánchez to create a dish using Sandoval's favorite ingredients.

The week prior, Marchesi advanced as a member of the winning red team who won the challenge preparing appetizers and entrées for Season 6 contestant Nick Nappi, his bride and their 72 wedding guests.

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Marchesi was among 22,000 hopefuls who auditioned at MasterChef's open casting calls in 11 major cities across the U.S.

Lisa Ann Marchesi was born into a family of Sicilian roots and started cooking in the kitchen at a very young age. She derived her culinary skills from her grandmother who guided and curated her expertise in a variety of Italian cuisine dishes. After years of being inspired to cook, Lisa Ann became the go-to chef in her family and used her culinary history to create and produce her signature certified pure olive oil product line, Bella D’Oliva. Bella D’Oliva olives are sourced from the Sicily and Puglia regions of Italy and are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and good for the heart. 

After losing her grandfather and great uncles to heart disease as well as her grandmother to breast cancer, she decided to invest her time in a healthy product with uncompromising quality.

Season seven runs through September, but contestants are eliminated on each Wednesday night episode.

MasterChef contestants must not only impress award-winning chefs Gordon Ramsey and Christini Tosi, but throughout the season compete for the approval of culinary greats and special guest judges including Wolfgang Puck, Aaron Sanchez, Edward Lee, Kevin Sbraga, and Richard Blais.

Only one talented home cook this year will join an elite group of MasterChef titleholders. The winner will earn a cookbook deal and $250,000 grand prize.

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