Governor Livingston High School students recently participated in a question and answer session via Skype with astronaut Kjell Lindgren and geologist Jon Meyer, who were on location at NASA’s Deep Space Habitat at Black Point Lava Flow located in Northern Arizona. Joining the Skype communication was Governor Livingston graduate and NASA scientist Dr. Dean Eppler, who was located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The high school session was organized by GL physics teacher James Flakker, who was invited to work on the Desert RATS project this past summer. D-RATS is a NASA program designed to simulate human and robotic space exploration. The students were given a brief background about the D-RATS program, provided with a virtual tour of the Black Point Lava Flow location, and given time to ask questions.  During the question and answer session, students learned how the astronaut and geologist became involved with NASA, what types of technology they have been working with and how it enhances the work they do, and what challenges they face in a space environment they may not have encountered during simulations. Dr. Eppler discussed how he became a NASA scientist and answered students’ questions related to the astronaut selection process and how mission control functions and communicates with those on a mission. Mr. Flakker’s experience over the summer enabled him to bring hands-on learning back to the classroom with a renewed energy. “The science team was amazing,” said Mr. Flakker. “As long as I can remember, I have been interested in science and astronomy, so this experience was a dream come true. Having so many intelligent and dedicated people working together, you really get a sense that you can accomplish anything.”