Rob Dinerman, a candidate for Republican State Committee, is attacking incumbent James Foerst’s characterization of the job as “ceremonial.”

“I was surprised and disheartened to see Mr. James Foerst refer to his seat on the Republican State Committee for Union County as ‘ceremonial,’” Dinerman said, referring to a recent news article.

Rob Dinerman of New Providence and Victoria Manduca of Fanwood are running for Union County’s two seats on the 42-member Republican State Committee on the line Republicans for Conservative Leadership. The primary election takes place on June 4.

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“The role is quite important,” said Dinerman. “This committee works on the national and state Republican platform, decides the Presidential delegate rules, and decides on funding for county and town committees. The 2012 delegate rules contributed to the nomination of Mitt Romney, a candidate unable to build the devoted following needed to win the Presidency.”

Dinerman added, “If the incumbent believes this is merely a ‘ceremonial’ role, we believe it is time for a change!”

Despite electing a popular Republican governor, Republicans have a minority in the State Senate and Assembly and no presence on the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Republicans have also lost the state in six straight presidential elections and more than a dozen consecutive U.S. Senate races.

Victoria and I believe a new approach with an eye to energizing the party, empowering our citizens, and reaching out to the next generation can turn this around,” said Dinerman. “We would also like to reinstitute a state convention to select better candidates to send to Washington. Please vote for change on June 4.”

Rob Dinerman is a long-time resident of New Providence and serves on the School Board. Victoria Manduca is a local conservative community organizer who has lived in Fanwood for 24 years and has taught religious education for 15 years to middle school students at Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church in Scotch Plains and Holy Trinity in Westfield.