BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The senior class at Governor Livingston High School received a real life experience of the dangers of being impaired, without being put at risk through "The Two Safety Driving Program."

Each senior student was offered the opportunity to drive the Safety Vehicle, which simulated operating a motor vehicle in an impaired state. The key difference was that the car - not the driver - was drunk. Students had a chance to drive the Safety car and also sit in the back seat while wearing DUI Goggles. GLHS Faculty members also participated in the driving experience​.

Following the Driving experience, School Resource Officers Ed Gaffney from Berkeley Heights and Det Shaun Bendik from Mountainside provided DUI Goggles to the student volunteers and put them through a series of field sobriety tests, as well as asked the students to perform simple motor skill tasks, like balancing on one foot, walking a straight line and catching and throwing a ball.

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The students experienced first-hand how their reaction time, depth perception and motor skills would be impacted, if they drove while impaired. 

Following the experience students commented about how dangerous drinking and driving is and that they felt like they had no control over their body, when wearing the DUI Goggles, said Segear.

The Two Safety Driving Program was coordinated by Governor Livingston High Staff, Bob Segear, Student Assistance Counselor, with the assistance of Bruno Somma, Terry Hanratty and Steve Petruzzelli of the Gov. Livingston Physical Education and Health Department.

The program was paid for and sponsored by the Berkeley Heights and Mountainside Police Departments, the Berkeley Heights and Mountainside Municipal Alliance, the Berkeley Heights Board of Education and Governor Livingston High School TREND Club.