BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Governor Livingston's Annual St. Baldrick's fundraising event proved to be as successful as in years past. Organized by the St. Baldrick's Club at GL, the event raised money for cancer research and saw many students and faculty members shave their heads for a great cause.

Although final fundraising counts have yet to be revealed, early estimates indicate that the club has exceeded their four year goal of $100,000.

Among the shavees were GL mathematics teacher, Cathy Birstler, who was the highest faculty fundraiser of the entire event, raising $2,396, and freshmen Dominick Pellegrini, who was the highest student fundraiser, raising $1,016.

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This year, those who attended St. Baldrick's were humbled by six-year-old Wyatt Fleming's mature decision to shave his head. The son of GL teacher and St. Baldrick's advisor, Kimberly Fleming, Wyatt is a cancer survivor and St. Baldrick's honored child. Wyatt was the largest overall fundraiser, raising a total of $2,856.

Money raised by shavees was not the only way the event was able to be such a success. GL administrators auction off administrator-for-a-day for $500 to sophomore Bret O'Brien. Bret won the chance to run a meeting, and take on other tasks of Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Director, and Athletic Director. In addition, Cross Fit hosted a burpee fundraiser, which raised almost $1,200.

GL's 2016 St. Bladrick's event proved to be a huge success as it has been in years past due to its ability to bring the community together through a common enemy. It is evident that almost every GL student knows someone that was or is affected by cancer.

"St. Baldrick's means everything to me," said St. Baldrick's student leader, Kelly Deegan. "Pediatric cancer is the hardest one to accept and after my cousin was diagnosed with cancer at 16, my view changed. I saw a lot of young kids with cancer, some I knew even died, and that was so hard to go through. I got involved with St. Baldrick's to help the kids in the future who will have cancer, as well as their parents."

Governor Livingston's St. Balrick's Club works hard every year to bring the world one step closer to putting an end to such a horrible disease.

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