Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States according to the CDC, with more than 600,000 Americans dying of heart disease each year.   To address this growing health crisis in our local communities, the Summit Area YMCA will be introducing a 12-week program in February at the Summit YMCA and in January at the Berkeley Heights YMCA.

This program, called "Healthy Hearts & Cardiac Rehab Maintenance," is open to the public.

The goal of the 'Healthy Hearts' program is to teach participants how to exercise independently so they can continue to maintain cardiovascular health. The program is open to anyone wishing to improve or maintain cardiovascular health, whether or not they have had a cardiac event. This program is a commitment to your health that will prepare you to continue a lifetime of healthy habits. We will meet twice a week to focus on cardiovascular exercise, build muscle strength and work on flexibility in a small group non-medically supervised setting.  

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“The Summit Area YMCA is committed to helping the community live healthier lives, which includes cardiovascular health. By providing the program at both of our Berkeley Heights and Summit Y branches, we are ensuring that we can serve as many people as possible in building and maintaining healthy hearts," said Susan Guber, Summit YMCA Wellness and Membership Engagement Director

If you are recovering from a cardiac event, completion of a phase 2 or 3 cardiac rehab program is required.  This program does not replace the critical role that medically supervised cardiac rehab plays in recovery from a cardiac event.  A Doctor’s release is required.  Use of a fitness tracker is recommended. There is no fee for the Healthy Hearts program.

The program will be directed by Nationally certified trainers and will meet twice weekly for 12 weeks.  Limit of 10 participants with 2 trainers present at each session. One session each week will utilize the cardio and strength equipment in the fitness center. The second session will be a group class that will focus on cardio exercise, strength and flexibility.  There will be 4 assessments completed at the beginning and completion of the program to measure cardiovascular endurance, upper body and lower body strength and flexibility. Rate of Perceived Exertion and personal fitness trackers will be utilized to monitor participant’s exertion and heart rate.  

The program is free to anyone wishing to improve or maintain cardiovascular health, whether or not they have had a cardiac event. Registration is required.

For more information please contact Susan Guber for the Summit YMCA at 908-273-3330  Susan.Guber@thesay.org and Lisa McQuilkin for the Berkeley Heights YMCA at 908-464-8373 Lisa.mcquilkin@thesay.org or

In addition to the Healthy Hearts program, the Summit Area YMCA offers a wide variety of cardio fitness classes to help improve your cardio health, strength and endurance -- from Cardio Core, Cardio Cross Training to Extreme Cardio.  To learn more or to see a listing of classes, go to: https://www.thesay.org/Programs/Detail/58/Cardio.