While every dog that is saved and placed in a loving home is special to us, there are times when a very special dog like Precious passes through our rescue. It is times like this that we are reminded of the kindness of the people involved in dog rescue and the wonderful outcomes that result from their efforts.

I’d like to share with you a very special story. The following letter is from Precious’s foster mother, Twana Bridges, who took care of Precious in Georgia before she was transported to New Jersey. The letter is to the family that adopts Precious.

Ms. Bridges writes:

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To the family that adopts Precious,

Thank you for adopting her. I wanted to drop a line and tell you all about Precious. We found her at a local shelter with a severe broken leg several months ago. Her owner said she had fallen off of a couch and broke the leg and that they were not having it treated so they dumped her there. When we found her, she had been there for 10 days without treatment. They had decided to put her down because they could not get anyone to take her out and have her treated. We took her immediately to our vet and he set the leg. It was a very bad break but we were hopeful that it would begin to heal. Five weeks later it had not even begun to heal so they put the splint back on for one more try. We gave her calcium supplements to try to get the bones to stitch together and she was to be confined to a very small crate to prevent too much movement for 5 weeks. Again the x-rays showed no healing. It was decided at that time that the leg had to be amputated because of the long delay in initial treatment.

Since the surgery she has done fantastic. Her personality has really come out and she is just about the most social loving dog I have ever fostered. She bonds very quickly so just give her a day or two. Once she does, she will be your little shadow. She loves to run and play. Prefers to sit in your lap of course and give lots of kisses on your nose. She is already leash and house trained with a doggie door but I am sure she will learn very quickly how to tell you she needs to go out.

She developed her own bed time routine, we think from being crated for so very long, so when she wants to go to bed usually around 9 pm she starts running back and forth from her crate to me wanting me to put her to bed. All I do is ask, “Are you ready to go night-night?” and her tail starts wagging and she runs and jumps right into her crate. She prefers the crate door to be open but she always wants the door to the room to be closed. She never leaves the crate until I open the door the next morning, then she runs right outside to do her business. She is also rather attached to her bed and blanket that I am sending with her. If I have it in the laundry and replace it with another she keeps looking at her crate and me until I put hers in. So if you don't mind allowing her to keep her blanket and bed, I think she will settle in just fine to her new home.

-Twana Bridges

For more information on Precious or any of the other dogs available through Home for Good Dog Rescue visit the Home for Good website, call (908) 598-8212 or email contacthfg@gmail.com. If you are considering adopting Precious or one of the other Home for Good dogs, please complete an online application at www.homeforgooddogs.org. A pre-approved application is required for all “meet and greets” and adoptions. See her Youtube video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzfkiilnGVE&feature=youtu.be

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