NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - For over a year, Home Again Design in New Providence has been providing customers with the opportunity to purchase high quality home furnishings at a reasonable cost and creating an avenue for people to sell them in a convenient and effective manner. 

Owners Kathy Collier and Leslie Rodgers decided to open Home Again Design after moving to New Jersey. They formed their business because they said that there was not a shop like theirs in the area. "It was actually Leslie's idea to open a furniture consignment store here," Collier said. "She moved here and had a bed that wouldn't go up her stairwell. She went to find the local furniture consignment store, and there wasn't one."

Collier added that after she met Rodgers, they discussed the idea and decided to open the store. "I thought there was a niche, a need that needed to be met in the community," Rodgers said.

According to Collier, shoppers are sometimes caught off guard when they enter the store. "I think a lot of people come here expecting to see a thrift store, but they're really surprised because it looks like a furniture store," Collier said.

Offering china, bedding, authentic paintings and other household décor, the shop features variety in its display of items.

The merchandise in Home Again Design comes from a variety of past owners, Collier and Rodgers said. Such people include decorators who crafted merchandise for clients who lost interest and residents who wanted to see income from furniture they no longer desired. Rodgers said, "Not only is it green—recycling and reusing furniture—but it's really nice when someone is done using something, someone else can fall in love with it."

Their business model incorporates a service in which the store and the consigners earn half of the money made in total off a particular item. "It's a consignment that lasts 12 weeks," Collier said. "Every four weeks the item doesn't sell, the price goes down fifteen percent, and it does that two times." She added, "At the end of 12 weeks, if no one buys the item, the consigner comes and picks their items up, or if they don't, then they become our property."

During her first year serving customers at Home Again Design, Rodgers said that the store performed higher than her expectations. According to Collier, their success is related to the openness of local residents. "They like the concept, they like the fact that it's really recycling things," Collier said. "People can get something back out of something they spent."

To learn more about Home Again Design, visit their Web site at or their store at 1330 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974. The store's hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, except Thursday, when they are open between 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.