On Monday, May 28, 2018, our Nation celebrates our most solemn event, Memorial Day.  In Berkeley Heights tradition, we will honor those who sacrificed themselves so that we may continue to live in the greatest country on earth.  I invite all residents to join us for the parade festivities and, most importantly, gather at our Veteran’s Park for a brief ceremony.

America has always been a country of volunteers. It began with those patriots who first fought for our freedom from Great Britain. And it continues with today’s soldier who serves in foreign lands to protect us against those who would destroy our way of life.  We remember our Gold Star families and our veterans who still serve as volunteers with VFW and care for their fellow comrades at VA hospitals.  These veterans teach the rest of us to always remember the sacrifices that service men and woman in these hospitals, as well as  their families, have made for our freedom.

But volunteerism extends beyond the military into our everyday life. Because we care about our Nation and our Town, we are compelled to step forward to make both a better place to live.  We in Berkeley Heights are second to none in such service.  We take pride in our Township and realize that so much of who we are and what we can be is due to the selfless efforts of our fellow citizens.  Countless individuals step up on a daily basis to give back to Berkeley Heights.

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As you walk the parade route on Monday and admire the Veteran’s Banners, remember it was volunteers who spearheaded this project and makes it possible for us to honor with great pride and respect those who have served.  When you see the many young boys and girls who are marching, remember all the moms and dads who take the time to volunteer as coaches and scout leaders.  When you stand at the Veteran’s Memorial affixed by its beauty, please thank those volunteers who were responsible for its restoration.

As you enjoy our summer and winter festivals along with Restaurant Week, do not forget that without the countless hours spent by dedicated volunteers these events would not occur.  While strolling through Town, you will observe how the face of our downtown is changing with the incorporation of consistent design standards for new development. Please remember that much of this is due to our own citizens’ volunteer efforts.

As you receive more current and timely information about the Township, be aware that much of this is a direct result of volunteers contributing their time and talents to the project.

Berkeley Heights is about volunteers and no one epitomizes such service more than our Fire Department and First Aid Squad members. 

As your Mayor, I am both pleased and gratified that during my tenure, this spirit of productive volunteerism has flourished. I hope you are inspired, too. We will continue to encourage our citizens to step up.  We will continue to make Berkeley Heights a better place to live and work, and we will continue to be Berkeley Heights proud.

Vote Woodruff, D’Aquila and Greco Column A on June 5th from 6am-8pm.