While we expected this from the Republican governor and his party, how dare the Democrats who have us to thank for their tenure in office, try to break our unity and stick us with the bill! Also, how dare the citizens of New Jersey, who work in the private sector, challenge our "Cadillac" health-care plans, excessive sick day accumulation/payouts, early retirements and additional "perks"!

Don't you know our Union Bosses fairly bargained for these "sweet-heart deals" with the Democratic majority over the years? How dare you all act like the Tea Party crowd and try to frighten everyone about "Our Entitlements" when you should be applauding us for our public service and sacrifice!

We will fight this even if it ultimately bankrupts New Jersey.  Don't you know the power of our union, our war chest of funds, our lobby, our ability to protest and ultimately our ability to shut down the government?