I am impressed with the day-to-day leadership of our Mayor and Town Council and I hope to help them continue to do great work. As I have been doing my research since deciding to run for a seat on our Town Council, I have learned a few things about all the work that has been happening in recent years.  For example, while plans for the Stratton House development were recently announced, our representatives have been working on this for over four years. Now we are seeing the fruits of that labor. They have provided updates many times along the way and there have been several opportunities for residents to listen to the information and ask questions. This is a complicated process and many difficult decisions have been made along the way in order to balance compliance with State mandates with the needs of our community.  

I have also been spending a good deal of time walking door to door with our Mayor and Councilman Michael D’Aquila who have been answering a lot of residents’ questions. It seems to me that most residents agree with the direction our Town is going even if they are not intimately familiar with some of the work that has been done to get us here. But residents also have concerns about how new developments and programs will impact our community and their bottom line – taxes and home values. These are valid concerns and if I am elected I want to make sure they continue to be considered every step of the way as the rest of the hard work is done.

In my experience as a project manager, I have learned that the most successful projects are the ones with the best communication plans. In this role, my responsibility is to make sure we have a framework where everyone’s ideas can be heard and considered, allowing the decision makers to make optimal choices. My goal is always to deliver an efficient solution that meets strategic objectives while addressing the requirements of all stakeholders.  It has been great hearing everyone’s perspectives these past weeks and I plan to find more ways to continue this two-way conversation, making sure their priorities remain in the forefront so that the best possible decisions can be made for our community.

I believe in this team. They are honest, hard-working and continually look for solutions that have the best interests of our community in mind. I hope to help them continue the great work.  I have the experience and I am willing to put in the time to figure out the best ways to meet our strategic objectives and consider the priorities of our residents.  I will draw on my experience to help deliver a great future for Berkeley Heights that everyone can enjoy.