That's right - get in the kitchen... what many people widely acknowledge is the most important room in their house.
It's where their day begins. It is the center of their day-to-day living.
From a design perspective, kitchens were traditionally darker spaces with heavy cabinetry, but that has now morphed to a trend which sees lighter, more airy spaces with splashes of color.
A mix of style and substance, and one of pillars of kitchen design, is flooring, which -- when selected properly -- can check both the aesthetic and functionality boxes.
Myriad flooring materials, including stone, wood, laminate, and ceramic -- are available, with each choice offering its own advantages. Individual family traditions, activities and behaviors should be considered when choosing a preferred surface:
How much does one cooking?

Are they light or heavy entertainers?

Are there pets in the house?

Where is the kitchen located -- the center, front or back -- in the home?

 It is important to consult with a flooring expert to ensure that the requirements for the look of the material and-or for level of maintenance actually match those associated with the material.