It's that time of year. The time when we get to expand our living spaces and spend more time outdoors. When you're looking to decorate an outdoor space, you want to have all the comforts of your indoor spaces but there are certain things you need to consider. Whether it's a deck, patio, garden or even pool-side, outdoor spaces have to hold up to sun, wind, and rain.

The good news is that it's pretty easy to find weather resistant fabrics and materials in furniture, area rugs, and even accessories. So get decorating and enjoy the extra space the outdoors provide.

The start of summer brings opportunities for late-afternoon barbecues and sunset dinners on the deck .Don't miss your chance to show off your outdoor space and host the next one! Here are some inside tips on how to create the perfect place to host your next summer get-together:

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Function First

- Consider how you want to use your outdoor spaces before beginning to buy or place furniture.

- If you host a lot of big dinners you’ll want a table that can hold your meals and comfortable chairs to hold your guests.

- If your evenings include drinks and conversations that run all night, consider creating seating areas that foster conversation. A dining table may not be needed.

- Keep in mind who uses the space (kids, families, couples or business associates) when making a selection.

Mirror your interior style

- Use the same color palette from inside your home when you are decorating outside. If you have warm, neutral tones inside, don’t add cool, vibrant tones on your deck. The two spaces should work well together.

- The same goes for style. If your home is modern and minimal, your exteriors should reflect that in furnishings, colors and plants.

Bring the indoors out

- Hosting a big fancy dinner? Use your dining table linens, china and stemware to elevate your patio table

- Fill your sofas and chairs with pillows - there are many lovely indoor/outdoor fabrics now that are so nice they could be used inside.

- Hang art on walls or fences to decorate your outdoor rooms. Some pieces can come out for the night and others, that can withstand the elements, can stay.

Don’t forget plants!

- Select a color scheme for your flowers that match your decorating style.

- A monochromatic color scheme can work great for small outdoor space - a variety of flowers all in the same color makes a HUGE impact and makes shopping easy.

Tell us. What outdoor space do you decorate?