The League of Women Voters of Berkeley Heights New Providence and Summit has studied the issue surrounding the binding referendum on     "Selling Liquor by the Glass".  Based on the League's mission of educating the public to be able to make informed decisions, the League would like to provide the citizens of New Providence with the following information.
SUPPORTERS BELIEVE: The town does not have any really "fine dining" restaurants with American cuisine. This type of restaurant would make our town more attractive to home buyers and businesses. OPPONENTS BELIEVE: Staying "dry" would retain the town's conservative character. The existing BYO policy at many local restaurants works well.
SUPPORTERS BELIEVE: Upscale restaurants would attract customers here from a wide area and strengthen the downtown development. This would mean fewer empty stores and more taxes from businesses. OPPONENTS BELIEVE: The income from license sales is not worth the risk of negative changes to our town. Given the current economic climate, the sale income to the town per license is likely to be much below the Summit transaction in 2006.

SUPPORTERS BELIEVE: The money from the sale of just a couple of licenses could help fund improvements to the town's athletic fields, or other needed capitol improvements. OPPONENTS BELIEVE: No matter how "nice" a restaurant starts out, it may change character over time and become more like a "bar" which is undesirable here.
The League of Women Voters will be hosting a Candidates' Forum in New Providence on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the New Providence Memorial Library.  Citizens are invited to  attend  and question the Candidates running for Borough Council on this and other issues.
The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization which encourages informed and active participation in government.  It does not support any candidate.
Sharon Davis
League of Women Voters of Berkeley Heights, New Providence & Summit