Weston Wellington of Dimensional Fund Advisors will give his famous “Investment Pornography” presentation at the May 1 meeting of the Summit Old Guard.  The talk is a discussion of the financial media (CNBC, financial magazines, etc.)  and why it is often very harmful to investors.  Also on the program is Jay Leonard of Classic Capital who will discuss strategies that investors can take to ignore the noise created by the financial media.  He will show how they can do this in a consistent, diversified, low cost, and tax efficient manner.

Mr. Wellington is a vice president with Dimensional Fund Advisors where he specializes in financial media.  He holds a BA from Yale.

Jay B. Leonard, a chartered financial analyst who is a principal with Classic Capital, an investment management and retirement planning firm.  He has an MBA from the University of Chicago. 

All area 50-plus active men are invited to attend meetings of the Summit Area Old Guard on Tuesday mornings at the New Providence Municipal Center at 360 Elkwood Avenue.  A coffee hour starts at9:15 that is followed by a 10 AM short business meeting. Old Guard members participate in sports, bridge, hikes, trips, plays, concerts and cultural events. Old Guard members are going on a cruise to Bermuda in May.  Call Ralph Ortega at  908-244-4384 for more information or log on to the website:  www.summitoldguard.homestead.com.