SUMMIT, NJ - The Enright Melanoma Foundation has been awarded a $10,000 grant by the Investors Foundation in support of its educational programs.  The Investors Foundation provides supportive funding to non-profit organizations in the communities served by Investors Bank.  This recent grant builds on previous funding awarded by the Investors Foundation in prior years.

The Enright Melanoma Foundation was named for Summit physician Joe Enright, who passed away from melanoma in 1996.  For ten years, the Joseph E. Enright Foundation has promoted various health topics through education, and its name was recently changed to reflect a specific focus on melanoma awareness and education.
“This grant will help support our newly launched Enright Sunshine Safety Certification course,” explained Janet L. Horowitz, the organization’s executive director.   “Because 80 percent of our lifetime sun exposure occurs before the age of 18, we are promoting the course to children as well as lifeguards, camp counselors, scouting troops, sports coaches, and other individuals who influence children and play a role in their outdoor activities.  Our goal is to make Sunshine Safety Certification a standard in New Jersey, much in the same way that the American Red Cross certifies people in CPR.”
“We are very grateful to have the continuing support of the Investors Foundation,” said Dr. Richard O. Nelson of Summit Medical Group, who serves as president of the Enright Melanoma Foundation.  “While nothing can bring back Joe Enright, the Foundation’s support, and that of our other funding partners, will help prevent other New Jersey residents and their families from suffering a similar tragedy.”
“The importance of teaching children and young adults about sunshine safety and the dangers of skin cancer cannot be overstated,” said Kevin Cummings, president and CEO of Investors Bank.  “We are proud to partner with the Enright Melanoma Foundation on this important educational initiative.”