NEW JERSEY - Over the past two days area Police Departments have been made aware that the “IRS Overdue Tax Bill” scam is resurfacing and that the individuals making the phone calls are aggressive and harassing.
While this is not a new scam, the fact that a spike in calls to this area indicates that it is prevalent again.
Generally, the calls come to your home phone number and the person on the other line advises you that you have some type of unpaid bill with the IRS. The caller immediately becomes hostile and threatens to have Federal Agents (or Police) come and arrest you and your family members. They make every attempt to scare their victim in an effort to have you wire money to some type of account.
The caller ID may also appear to be from what looks like an official IRS phone number (commonly referred to as caller ID spoofing).

Keep in mind that the IRS will not call you to demand immediate payment, demand that you pay taxes while not allow you to appeal the amount you owe, require that you pay your taxes a certain way (via a MoneyGram, Western Union or credit/debit card) or threaten to bring in police or other agencies to arrest you for not paying.

Please refer to the following IRS website for further information: