It’s simple why I am voting for Joy Young and Ramya Kasthuri for the Berkeley Heights Board of Education (BOE).

As a resident and a parent of school-aged kids who attend Berkeley Heights public schools, I know that Joy Young and Ramya Kasthuri are going to take our children’s educational experience to the next level.  Both candidates have ideal professional backgrounds for Board of Education leadership.  As a former classroom teacher, Ramya understands the importance of fostering strong relationships between staff and families to ensure the academic success of all students.  As a professional in change management, Joy will facilitate growth and innovation in the time of uncertainty.  Ramya and Joy have the skills to nurture the communication between teachers, parents, administrators and BOE.  They will listen to every stakeholder concern and idea and will proactively address issues through community collaboration to achieve solutions.  So on November 3rd, vote for Joy A. Young #1 and Ramya Kasthuri #5 for Berkeley Heights Board of Education.