We voted for change and now it's time to stand up and support Governor Christie. Unlike our past 2 governors, he wants to challenge unions, scrutinize school, town, transit, and other government agency budgets to get costs in line and hold them accountable. And yes, reform the healthy public worker benefits to get them more in line with what the private sector offers.

And while the union bosses and their members will scream "unfairness and this will increase fees or taxes", and the Democratic legislature, which failed to solve anything over the last 8+ years, will say "let's hold on now (I want to get re-elected)", it's time for us to stand up and shout too.

Yes, the majority of us working class stiffs in the private sector don't have pensions nevermind spousal death benefits, nor heavily subsidized health insurance, paid sick days or payout accumulation, an early retirement age etc. And while we all earn comparable wages, the majority of us put in 60 + hours a week. The reality is the cost of NJ government is too high and this will go a long way in allowing the vast majority of all working class citizens, public and private, who are good, responsible people, to live and retire here.

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So as someone whose family was made up of public employees, can we just drop the name calling and fear tactics but rather use objective data to fix, once and for all, the financial and taxation matters of this state? And while it won't be easy and everyone will incur some angst the reality is the long term fix is to get spending under control and have people pay for what they use instead of having the state providing endless subsidies.

Clearly, the answer is not taxing the private sector employees, seniors and businesses, which pay the majority of the public workers compensation, out of NJ.