BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  JCP&L reported 1,108 outages in Berkeley Heights as of Thursday afternoon. These numbers are significantly down from the outage reports as of Wednesday morning when JCP&L had reported 3,126 outages (64 percent of the 4,900 customers) caused by damage from Tropical Storm Isaias.

JCP&L report provided the following assessment of damage in Berkeley Heights: one broken pole, 11 damaged circuits, 68 damaged locations, four road closures and 33 tree cutting locations.

Out of the 1,108 customers out,pdf JCP&L estimates the following restoration timeline:

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  • 111 outages were restored today
  • 365 outages to be restored on Friday 
  • 309 outages to be restored on Saturday 
  • 177 outages to be restored on Sunday
  • 110 outages to be restored on Monday, August 10
  • 33 outages will be restored next Tuesday, August 11

If a customer received notification from JCP&L that your power is ON, yet it's not, JCP&L needs you to report the outage again to ensure your outage gets restored. Customers should call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) to report their outage or click the "Report Outage" link on

Mayor Angie Devanney provided a video update as to where the township stands with the storm cleanup. "We are working very closely with JCP&L and PSE&G. Both our OEM coordinator Chief Padovano and our Police Department Chief DiPasquale, Township Administrator Liza Viana and myself and others are working very hard to ensure that our streets are safe."

She said a number of streets remain impassable. "Those trees must be removed before other areas can be restored," she said.  "In addition to critical infrastructure, we do have a couple of facilities that are critical that are in need of power at this point," she said. "We are putting pressure on our utility companies and others -- our County OEM -- to ensure that Berkeley Heights remains a priority."

She is referring to the township's sewage plant that remains without power and must be a priority. The sewer department is operating on an emergency generator. "It is a priority to get power back on at that critical infrastructure facility. Our sewer plant uses 500 gallons of fuel a day to run the emergency generator; we currently have 3,600 gallons remaining. We ordered another 2,000 gallons today to give us 11 days of power. This is one facility we need to keep running effectively," said Liza Viana, Township Administrator..

In addition, Summit Medical Group on Diamond Hill Road is still without power. "It is a priority to get power back on at that critical infrastructure facility," she said.

Stay informed of post-Iasais updates by visiting the Township Website

Mayor Devanney asks for your patience during this very difficult time.

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NOTE from JCP&L: Portions of the information set forth in the JCP&L report are estimated based on currently available information, and are subject to change in subsequent reports based on more complete or up-to-date information, or as additional information becomes available.  Information regarding the number of customers without power is also subject to change due to the impact of any new outage conditions that may arise after the original weather event.   

Restoration projections regarding the number of customers to be restored each day until restoration is completed are estimated based on planned restoration work and estimated times for restoration (ETRs).  Estimates beyond the first two days are preliminary and subject to change due to the inherent uncertainties associated with longer projections.