Dear Friends, Neighbors and Residents,

I am Joe Bruno and I have been your Mayor for the past 3 ½ years here in Berkeley Heights and I am seeking Re Election for another 4 years. Four years ago we shared with you our vision for improving our Township. We said we would: 

  • Hire the best people we could find to assist us in running our Township.
  • Run the Township using a business-like approach using zero based budgeting in paying for the things we need to have our township run smoothly.  We said we would manage the tax money just like it was our own.
  • We would look and apply for every available grant we qualify for. Last year we received over $753,000 in grants 
  • Work with the business community, like the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary as well as commercial real estate professionals and meet with prospective business to fill the vacancies and enhance our downtown.
  • Have our Township meetings more professional and resident friendly. “We said it was ok to disagree but never ok to be disrespectful”
  • That our communications and response to resident’s concerns would be prompt …after all you are the stakeholder and the reason why we are here.. we work for you.
  • Finally we would be visible and available in the community on a daily basis and approachable to all. 

This was the vision that I shared with you and you put your trust in me, by electing me as your Mayor.
Now 3 ½ years later I am happy to say we have a track record of success as a Township that was recognized by CNN / Money Magazine last September when they named Berkeley Heights, NJ as the 6th Best Place to Live in America! You may remember that in 2007 we were #45 which we thought was fantastic then, but to jump 39 spots was an Town wide accomplishment.

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This was accomplished in spite of some adversity. During the last 3 ½ years we had to overcome 2 hurricanes, Irene and Sandy, the October Snow Storm of 2012, numerous other weather events and a Tornado, just to mention a few. 

Why am I seeking another term?

I have been serving the people of Berkeley Heights for the past 17 years. Nine of the School Board and the past 8 years as committee man, councilman, Council Vice Pres. Council President for 2 years and the past 3 ½ years as your Mayor. In each position I have applied what I have learned in 38 years as a businessman and my last 21 managing the largest store in the NJ. Most improtantly I have the Time, Availability and Energy to continue
We have many opportunities ahead of us including:

  • Continued Downtown Development 
  • The possible redevelopment of out municipal property
  • Managing of the municipal budget by working with State and County officials to get the most back we can in the form of grants while working to reducing the size of Government in NJ.
  • The potential land swap with Little Flower Church,
  • Continue to work with our Seniors, our Schools and Associations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars and PAL to enhance our community

I have put my heart and soul into doing this job and have brought a passion to it for assisting our residents.
If you remember nothing else please remember this… Being your Mayor is my primary responsibility, I am available 24/7 to work for you. When an opportunity comes up whether it is here in town, or in Trenton, I am available. I am available to meet with state officials on stream clean up or with FEMA officials on obtaining grant reimbursement, all which I have done.

If there is an incident here in town I am on the scene and visible. I make it a point of being on site when there is a fire, accident or incident in town. It is important to me to show our police officers, fire fighters and rescue squad volunteers my support and I know that it is important to them to receive it.

For those of you that are interested in viewing my profile on LinkedIn, the address is .

If you would like to get involved in this campaign or would like a sign for your lawn please e mail me at

On June 3rd you will decide the future of the next 4 years in our Towns history. I hope our results will earn your support and vote.  Joseph G Bruno 7F.

Thank you.   
Joseph G Bruno, Mayor