Although I moved out of Berkeley Heights 17 years ago to live and work in New York City, I have always remained very interested in the condition of and general well being of the town I grew up in. In many ways, I miss Berkeley Heights and I often think I might like to live there again. But, with taxes as high as they are in New Jersey, and with so many problems that need solving, it would honestly take the election of someone like John Bonacci as Mayor to motivate someone like me to even consider returning.

Having known Mr. Bonacci for 34 years, I know him to be a man of incredible integrity, tenacity, loyalty and devotion to doing not just the right thing, but the smart, pragmatic and practical thing. I know the citizens of Berkeley Heights could have no greater advocate and no finer mayor.

I urge my old neighbors and friends to do everything they can to support John Bonacci for Mayor.

Jill Santoriello is the author of the Broadway musical "A Tale of Two Cities" and executive produced the PBS television program "A Tale of Two Cities - In Concert" which aired on New Jersey Network in 2009. She grew up in Berkeley Heights and graduated from Governor Livingston.  She currently lives in NYC.