NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - K Primary Care and Medical Nutrition Center has partnered with bariatric surgeons with the introduction of a Post-Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Program.

The program focuses on diet, exercise and stress management. "It is important to follow recommended dietary guidelines after bariatric surgery," said Dr. Kavita Kewalramani, Medical Director, Founder of K Primary Care and Medical Nutrition Center. "These guidelines limit the amount of calories you consume, while providing balanced meals that help prevent nutrient deficiencies and preserve muscle tissue."

The program is three months and includes:

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  • Initial medical assessment by the doctor, and monthly follow-up visits
    • During the initial medical assessment by the doctor, they will do blood-work to check for vitamin and other nutrient deficiencies.
  • Group nutrition classes held weekly
    • The group nutrition class provides support from others going through the same journey. In the group sessions, the doctor will lead discussions on behavioral, dietary and exercise topics.
  • Mindfulness meditation classes held weekly
    • Mindful meditation can be a very effective tool in weight loss by reducing stress eating and food cravings and helping you focus on mindful eating. Mindful meditation also sharpens a person's ability to recognize internal cues that signal hunger and fullness.
  • Cooking classes held monthly
    • The monthly cooking class will teach you how to create a bowl focusing on calories, portions and combinations from a variety of cuisines. Each bowl will have about three items and will be a complete meal with total calories between 300 and 600 calories. 

Dr. K's solution is to address the whole life of her patients - they are individuals who experience stress, often eat at odd hours, or too much, or the wrong foods and who aren’t aware of how their behavior may contribute to their condition. 

Visit K Primary Care and Medical Nutrition Center's website,, or call (908)206-4676 for more information.

About Dr. Kavita Kewalramani: Dr. Kavita Kewalramani (Dr. K) is a board certified Internist who strongly believes in the “food as medicine” philosophy of Hippocrates. She did her residency in Internal Medicine at Overlook Hospital in New Jersey. Prior to that she did a year of residency in Psychiatry at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois. She also completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) at Columbia University and achieved a Certification in Medical Nutrition at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition.

Dr K combines her experience in medicine, psychiatry, nutrition, and public health to provide comprehensive patient care. As an Internist, she believes that chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can be managed with diet and exercise alone, or in combination with medications. She advises that eating right and engaging in physical activity is important to staying healthy and should be a part of every person’s lifestyle.

Dr K also strongly believes in the role of preventive medicine. She provides preventive care including immunizations, screening for cancer and other diseases, identifying risk factors for disease, annual physicals, women’s health, discussing tips for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as counseling on alcohol and smoking cessation.

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