Eve Kaplan, Principal of Kaplan Financial Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce low-cost, high-quality tax-deferred plans for small businesses and non-profits. Kaplan Financial Advisors, LLC is a Free-Only (no products, no commissions) Registered Investment Advisor providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management. The firm, located in Berkeley Heights, currently is celebrating its 8thsuccessful year serving the Tri-State area and beyond.

In order to design and manage high-quality, low cost 401k and 403b plans to small businesses and non-profits, Kaplan Financial Advisors (a 3 (21) Fiduciary) is partnered with 3(38) Fiduciaries. Together, this team provides exceptionally high quality plans for businesses and non-profits. Typically, 401k and 403b tax-deferred plans (ranging from $2-25 million of assets) are managed by large insurance companies and brokerage houses. The 3(21)/3(38) Kaplan Financial Advisors team, by contract, provides exceptionally low cost portfolios that remove plan liability from plan sponsors. This level of Fiduciary Care currently is an exception in the tax-deferred planning space.

Kaplan Financial Advisors plans differ because they consist of 5-6 pre-mixed professionally managed portfolios (costing 0.28% versus the standard 1-2% underlying expenses in average plans) that are automatically rebalanced. Automatic rebalancing – according to past data – can improve upon portfolio performance. Kaplan Financial Advisors 401k/403b plans have a completely transparent fee structure. New clients typically see administrative costs decline when working with Kaplan Financial Advisors.

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Kaplan Financial Advisors provides solid educational support to small business and non-profits plan participants. For more information, please contact Eve Kaplan at 908-898-0549, or Eve@KaplanFinancialAdvisors.com. The company website address is www.KaplanFinancialAdvisors.com