SUMMIT, NJ - It has been a summer of transition at Lois Schneider Realtor; a time of reflection and of looking back, a time of new beginnings and looking ahead.

When company founder Lois Schneider passed away on Aug. 4 at the age of 80, her daughter, Karen, stepped in to run the agency her mother started in 1976.

“When my mother passed away, several articles were written about her that included her quote ‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice,’ and that was truly her motto,” Karen said. “She felt it was important to be good to others and to provide quality service. She never wavered in that belief.”

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The name Lois Schneider has become synonymous in Summit and the surrounding area with not only quality service but trustworthiness and agents that buyers and sellers alike know they can count on.

“My mother had an uncanny ability to hire highly competent sales people who would share her vision,” Karen said. Lois’s way of finding the right agents for her office was centered around her people skills and her seemingly innate sense of how to create a synergistic real estate office. “She always said finding the right agents was like making a cake,” Karen said. “You fold in each egg very carefully so the mixture comes out exactly right.”

If a prospective agent felt like a good fit to Lois, they were in – a part of the Lois Schneider family and the dream team that is one of the most widely-recognized names in real estate in the area. And Lois reaped the rewards with years of agent loyalty. There are many sales associates who have been there more than 10 years, and one just celebrated her 30th anniversary with the company. As Karen says, they’re a family.

Karen, who got her own real estate license when she turned 18, graduated from Georgetown and worked as a nurse for three years before going back to school, getting her law degree and practicing law for 30 years. She has been a director at Lois Schneider Realtor since 1978 and co-CEO since 2010. “My goal is to keep this agency thriving with the same values and ideals my mother had,” she said. “We’ve always been committed to the community. There’s no reason to change tracks.”

Susan Hunter, vice president and director of sales and marketing, herself a long-time Lois Schneider employee, said Karen’s focus on moving forward is in perfect sync with the positive changes in the housing market.

“We are optimistic,” she said. “The market began a steady decline in 2006, but even the most negative pundits are saying the recovery has begun. Our open houses are busy, our inventory is low, and we know there is a pent-up demand for homes. Even though it’s still a buyer’s market, we have seen multiple bids on some homes which is a very encouraging sign that there are buyers out there who are ready to make a decision.”

In a challenging market, it’s more important than ever to have an experienced Realtor working for you. “The road to the closing table is not always smooth,” Susan said, “but when you hit those bumps, you want to have an agent on your team with great expertise and professional skills – someone who knows how to navigate all the twists and turns along the way. That’s why people call us – they know that we will get the job done and provide quality service.”

For more information on Lois Schneider Realtor, visit, or call 908-277-1398.