Dear Editor,

FORWARD progress is essential to Berkeley Heights. After years of negative impact from the recession, our town is well on its way to moving ahead. Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto will help us on a continued path to a solid future. They understand the absolutely essential premise that people must work TOGETHER and collaborate with others not only within our town but with those outside our community that affect us. We don't exist in a vacuum. Legal mandates and economic realities affect all of us. We need Council members who understand that solid research and planning results in improvements, and prudent spending along with finding new sources of revenue results in positive growth. Understanding trends in housing, transportation, consumer choices, and communication are paramount to sustainability and positive development for Berkeley Heights. I have known and worked with both of these gentlemen, and their respect for diverse points of view comes from both their personal and professional commitment and experiences. They are determined to keep our small town feel and build on our great tradition of people helping people by supporting local businesses and each other. They know that joining hands to work TOGETHER is far more successful than shaking fingers at one another. This is a contested election. Please join me in keeping our town moving FORWARD by voting for Bavoso and Couto in the Republican Primary, Column A on June 7. The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can make the difference in building our positive future.

Thank you,
Jim Skidmore