Get ready to rock with the area’s elite teen musicians as they join forces to raise money and awareness at the 4th annual Kids Rock for Vision Concert on Saturday, May 5, 3:00 to 4:30pm. Doors will open at 2:30. Proceeds will be donated to New Eyes for the Needy for the purchase of new prescription eyeglasses for children living in the U.S. Tickets are available at the door or may be bought in advance by calling New Eyes at 973-376-4908.

“We are really excited,” said lead coordinator Will Taggart. “All the acts are lined up and ready to give great performances.”  As a fourth year participant and second year head organizer, the 17-year old Summit resident has tapped into his musical connections as well as his friends, family and Morristown-Beard network, where he attends school. “We sell tickets in advance to our friends and family and we get great help from school,” said Taggart. “Our headmaster helps us with outreach and, like always, School of Rock Chatham is a great supporter of the event. We invite the public to attend and have a great time while supporting a great cause.”

Taggart caught the rock-and-roll bug early at age 8. He now plays guitar as well as the bass and drums, performing with his band Sauce.  “Like past years, we’ll have local top teen bands playing classic rock-and-roll like Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. But this year will be the first time we’ll be playing original music. Our aim is to get everybody’s head bobbing,” said Taggart. 

 Much of the talent comes by way of School of Rock Chatham, event sponsor since the first Kids Rock for Vision concert in 2009. “We love to be involved in community fundraising and we love rocking for a cause,” said Art Lima, Musical Director at SOR Chatham.  SOR Chatham provides the sound technician and equipment for the concert and does extensive outreach to their students to attend and participate. “Our Street Team Band of local all-stars, who represent our best musicians, performs every year at Kids Rock for Vision,” said Lima. “It’s great for the kids to be aware and have a goal in their performance.” Indeed, the concert series has raised over $21,000 over the past three years. That translates into 466 pairs of prescription eyeglasses for underprivileged children living in the United States given the average price of $45 that New Eyes for the Needy pays for children’s glasses. “Raising money, raising awareness and giving back is what it’s all about,” said Jaime Lima, General Manager at SOR Chatham.  Added Taggart, “It feels good to make a difference.”