Dear Editor
We would like to thank the residents of Berkeley Heights for their support in the Republican Primary. While only affiliated Republicans could cast a vote in the Primary, we received a broad base of support from Unaffiliated voters and Democrats throughout our campaign. So many people helped share our message that by working together, we can achieve many things. Your confidence in us and the work that we are all doing together has enabled our positive path to continue. To our opponents, we appreciate your participation in the election process. While we might disagree on ideas or policy, we are all residents of Berkeley Heights and it is only by working together and finding common ground that we are most successful. We hope you will join in our efforts to move our town forward.

We will continue to seek resident input, thoughts, ideas and opinions throughout the General Election campaign ahead. Berkeley Heights is a truly special community, and we are proud to live here, volunteer with you, and represent you on our Town Council.

We wish to thank the many people who helped with our campaign and to our families, who not only supported us, but encouraged us every step of the way. We look forward to working with and meeting more residents in the months ahead. The future of Berkeley Heights is extremely bright, and we look forward to sharing in it with you.
Thank you,

Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher