Dear Editor,

Twenty years ago, our family opted to leave a town that was driven into decline due to inexperienced, divisive and irresponsible leadership.  We saw property values tank and quality of life diminished at the hands of inept elected officials.  Since moving to Berkeley Heights over two decades ago, our town continues to flourish, property values are strong and the outlook ahead is incredibly promising.  This is not by accident – this is the result of electing competent and dedicated leaders like Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher, who have contributed immensely to the prosperity of our town.  There is no doubt Jeanne and Marc are dedicated to maintaining all that makes our town a great place to call home, and continuing their hard work to propel our town and its citizens forward. 

Our local town council representatives are our neighbors and fellow community members. Like us, they are taxpayers and homeowners. Our interests are their interests, our concerns are their concerns.  Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher have been willing to put themselves on the line for our community and for our town -- and our township has benefited tremendously from their expertise, experience, dedication and commitment.  Jeanne and Marc have spent countless hours volunteering their time to work on our behalf and safeguard our town from those who seek to bring excessive housing density demands upon it. They have worked collaboratively with local businesses and volunteers to create new programs and projects to improve our quality of life for all Berkeley Heights residents. They have been on the receiving end of politically based attacks from those who have offered nothing to our community but insults, obstacles, division and frivolous lawsuits.  Yet despite these repugnant attacks, they continue to demonstrate dignity and professionalism, which are essential characteristics to effective leadership.   

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Jeanne and Marc have worked hard for us and a vote for them on June 6 is a vote for the future of Berkeley Heights.  Please join me and my family in showing our support for Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher by voting column E on Tuesday, June 6.  The polls are open from 6am to 8pm.


Kelly Manieri