BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Kingsley and Faecher Win Berkeley Heights Republican Primary “This was a challenging campaign for many reasons,” commented Council Vice President Jeanne Kingsley, “and we are grateful for all of the support we received from Republicans, Unaffiliated Voters, and Democrats. Throughout this campaign, we were encouraged in our efforts on behalf of all residents of Berkeley Heights.” Primaries in New Jersey are considered closed because only those who affiliate as either Republican or Democrat can vote. Council President Marc Faecher added, “ In Berkeley Heights, we are all neighbors working together to find common ground in the best interests of our town and our residents. We listen to the perspectives and voices of all citizens, including those with opposing views.”

When working on projects and programs, scrutinizing expenditures, developing policy and budgets, or seeking to implement our town’s vision, Kingsley and Faecher are appreciative of people, their ideas, thoughts, and concerns. “We have a long history of traditions here in Berkeley Heights, and we also have a long history of thoughtful discussions and gathering input and diverse points of view,” said Kingsley. Added Faecher, “When people share an idea, ask a question, or express a concern, we don't ask them what their political affiliation is….we ask them if we can help or invite them to get involved in our community.”

Kingsley and Faecher look forward to continuing their broad base of support in the November General Election. “We will continue with a positive campaign,” said Kingsley. “The facts will always be paramount in our dialogue,” added Faecher, “Facts can be complicated, and we will make continued efforts to present all factual information in clear and accessible ways. If someone disagrees with those facts, that is their right…but they cannot distort or manufacture new ones to take their place. Our job is to present the information, gather input, conduct due diligence, determine the costs, and then make decisions. Our residents have elected us to make and implement those decisions effectively.”

The General Election will be held on November 7th.