We have an opportunity this Election Day to choose two dedicated, experienced and long standing members of our community to represent us on the Town Council.  I know that Jeanne Kingsley and John Sincaglia will represent us, because they are just like many of us.  They have each lived in Berkeley Heights for over 20 years, they have raised families here, and they have encouraged others to move here…they LOVE Berkeley Heights.  I can say this with confidence because I know them very well and have had many conversations with them about how they want to work to improve the future of Berkeley Heights.  And they are not just nice people with good intentions, they have valuable EXPERIENCE that will guide our town in the decision making process about budgets, planning, and impact on our schools and infrastructure. 

I met Jeanne when our children were in pre-school, and right away she impressed me with her intelligence and enthusiasm.  Over the years I have seen her loyalty and generosity first hand.  As a working mother of four children, she is dedicated to her family and friends and is always willing to give her time to help others.  She has the same level of dedication to our town.  It is clear that Jeanne knows all of the facts and figures around the improvements that are happening in our town.  But she is also very aware of all of the different perspectives that need to be considered and the partnerships that need to be established as we make important decisions about our future.  I asked her why it would take so long to repair our roads, and she explained the importance of a long term plan that allows the town to leverage annual state and county grants. I also questioned some of the design decisions regarding the municipal center, and she pointed out that they allowed us to provide extra meeting space for seniors and provides ample recreation space for families in our community.  Her ability to understand and articulate many different perspectives, together with her valuable business experience, dedication and enthusiasm are exactly what our town needs.

I met John when we started working together on a local committee.  I had heard about his great reputation over the many years that he served on the Board of Education.  Then I got to know him and it was clear how much he loves Berkeley Heights and how hard he is willing to work to continue to improve our town.  He explained how he ended up on the Board of Ed , how much he loved his work there and his excitement about the things that they were able to accomplish over the years.  Some of these decisions (i.e. his leadership in maintaining and increasing the Capital Reserve Fund) are still contributing today towards important enhancements in safety and improvements to facilities in our schools.  I think that his background as a teacher and a NJ school administrator will be a valuable addition to the Council.  Who better to partner with the Board of Education and to consider the impact of decisions on our school system?  John is someone who clearly loves this town and is excited to work towards building the future of Berkeley Heights.  

We need Jeanne Kingsley and John Sincaglia on the Town Council because they have relevant experience, they share our values and they have proven again and again that they are dedicated to Berkeley Heights.