BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  Republican incumbents Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher won their party's nomination to run for Township Council in the November election.

They defeated longtime resident Dr. Thomas Foregger and newcomer John V. Leo, Jr. in the Republican primary. Kingsley was the top vote getter with 614 votes, Faecher came in second with 599 votes. Leo garnered 524 votes and Foregger 512 votes.

In a previously published statement, Council Vice President Jeanne Kingsley said they faced "a challenging campaign for many reasons and we are grateful for all of the support we received from Republicans, Unaffiliated Voters, and Democrats. Throughout this campaign, we were encouraged in our efforts on behalf of all residents of Berkeley Heights.” 

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Council President Marc Faecher said, “ In Berkeley Heights, we are all neighbors working together to find common ground in the best interests of our town and our residents. We listen to the perspectives and voices of all citizens, including those with opposing views.”

Kingsley said  “We will continue with a positive campaign."

Faecher said, "The facts will always be paramount in our dialogue ...  If someone disagrees with those facts, that is their right…but they cannot distort or manufacture new ones to take their place."

John Leo, who is currently in the United Kingdom, sent the following statement, "I want to very sincerely congratulate Marc and Jeanne!  This was a positive experience for me primarily because of the kindness I've found in our town.  I will continue to be a helpful neighbor and support our town to the best of my ability going forward.  Thank you to all that I've met on this journey!"

Dr. Thomas Foregger said, "I am naturally disappointed that I did not win but I am very appreciative of all the support

I did receive and for those that worked so hard on my and John's behalf.

"Based on the very large turnout, clearly, our campaign hit a nerve so I hope that the council members take notice. I will continue to attend town council meetings to push for more responsible taxation and more open government."

Democrats Susan Poage, received 617 votes, and Alvaro Medeiros 593 votes in their unopposed Democrat Primary.

The Poage, Medeiros team issued the following statement, "We are excited by the strong show of support given to us by Democrats and Independents tonight. That we received as many votes as our opponents in a town where Republicans usually far outnumber Democrats in the primary election, shows that our vision of Change We Can Agree On is already resonating.

"We congratulate Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher on their victory, as well as John Leo and Tom Foregger on their efforts, and look forward to a strong campaign of ideas about how we can bring our community together to make change happen."

Kingsley and Faecher will be challenged by  Poage and Medeiros and one other candidate, Edmund "Tom" Maciejewski, who announced on his Facebook Page that he will run for Township Council on the Libertarian Line. 

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 7.