To the Editor,

I want to give kudos to Carolyn George and all the staff at the Playground Camp. I have been walking the same route during the summer for the last 15 years. Along my route is Playground Camp. Each and every year I have noticed how it keeps evolving. New special events, new play spaces, improved communication, and engaged staff. 
I was a camper and a counselor at a typical day camp where each day the children have a rigid schedule of activities and are in a group of their own age and gender. What I like about Playground Camp is I see many of the typical camp activities and opportunities, but I also see open-ended opportunities for children to make choices in which activities they want to participate, take ownership in creating their own activities, and navigate the social arena that includes diversity in age and gender. I only wish I still had young children….
Bravo to the Berkeley Heights Recreation Department and Carolyn George for creating a summer environment that allows the children of Berkeley Heights to play and learn and at a responsible price for residents. 
Susan Poage