BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Congressman Leonard Lance was the guest speaker at Boy Scout Troop 68’s meeting in Berkeley Heights Monday night, after member Nicholas Kwan sent him a letter about how he should help fix the economy.

Kwan, a sixth grader, wrote Lance a letter stating he should consider lowering taxes and allow all illegal immigrants to become legal ones. Kwan recommended Lance should make them pay taxes “so if you charge less money to more people, the overall economy will go up.”

“There is a merit badge that the boys need to achieve,” Advancement Chairman Cliff Boldt explained. “One of the requirements for that badge is you write to an elected representative about an issue you feel is important.”

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Lance responded to Kwan’s letter and visited Troop 68 to educate them on different aspects of the government.

“It’s pretty amazing he answered and came because other kids didn’t even get a thank you card,” Kwan said.

Lance, who represents New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, covered topics with the group ranging from the branches of government, the role of the House of Representatives, and also answered questions, including what he thought of illegal immigrants.

“I believe anyone who works in this country should pay taxes,” Lance said. “Employers also need to be careful and hire legal immigrants to work for them.”

One member asked Lance who his favorite president is. “My favorite is Abraham Lincoln,” Lance said. “I admire him for multiple things including his rise from poverty.”

Lance took pictures and spoke personally to members of the crowd before leaving for Washington.

Troop 68 holds meetings every Monday that school is in session at the Mary Kay McKillan Early Childhood Center.