Jill LaZare, candidate for New Jersey Assembly District 21, made the following statement in response to Assemblyman Bramnick’s press conference this morning:

"While I'm sure Jon Bramnick has a very nice yard, his constituents would be more interested in why he supported gutting property tax relief, shortchanging our schools, and making it harder for them to afford their homes. And, while he’s at it, he might want to address why he supported killing the trans-Hudson rail tunnel, forcing his constituents to face longer commutes, thereby preventing them from being able to spend more time in their own very nice yards with their families. Or why he’s supported Governor Christie’s sweetheart settlement with Exxon, the cutting of funds for women’s healthcare programs, and voted against equal pay for equal work. While I support Assemblyman Bramnick’s devotion to native species, there are other and more pressing issues that need his support.”