“It is with enthusiasm and complete confidence that I announce the unanimous selection of Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher for Town Council,” said Heidi Cohen, Chair of the Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee. “ We feel fortunate to have such highly qualified candidates seeking re-election.” Over the course of their terms, they have repeatedly provided the leadership skills that have kept our Town moving forward, including:

Jeanne Kingsley:

  • Has served as Council President and Vice President
  • A twenty one year resident, together with husband Ed has four children
  • CPA and Strategic Planner by profession
  • Active community and school volunteer leader
  • Fiscal Responsibility including zero based budgeting, capital budgeting for road repair and long term needs
  • Enhanced relationships with the Board of Education, Rescue Squad, Fire Departments, businesses, non-profits, and new ideas for Public/Private Partnerships.
  • Founded the volunteer Downtown Beautification Committee (DBC) which raised funds for new seasonal banners, installed the town clock, and began partnering with the Suburban Chamber of Commerce to increase support of local businesses Serves on the Planning Board and Communications Committee
  • Expanded efforts with the BOE to reduce costs through Shared Services, improve playing fields and to launch a joint effort to obtain state funding under the Safe Routes to Schools program

“The introduction of advisory committees has saved the taxpayers costly consultants. Volunteers raise funds for projects and communication improvements include live streaming of Council meetings and an evolving user-friendly website. Partnerships result in cost savings and the pursuit of alternative and new grant funding for projects, providing what we need and maintaining affordability.” Jeanne Kingsley

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Marc Faecher

  • Current Council President Twenty-three Year resident, together with wife Kristen has three children
  • An Attorney and Environmental Law Specialist
  • Advocate for neighborhood preservation, traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Leadership role on affordable housing compliance obligations, directing and facilitating the process for negotiation rather than the uncertainty of costly litigation; saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, allows the town to maintain control of housing density and open space preservation.

“One of the things that makes Berkeley Heights special is its small town feel filled with traditions passed from generation to generation. It was essential that we protect that. As a community, we had to take control of our future as best we could. Our negotiations, while not quite complete, have brought us to a point of managed development and a significant reduction in the number of housing units when compared to the numbers initially sought by developers. We are determined not to let our Town become something none of us would recognize. We have a wonderful community filled with the neighborhood feel that makes it special in today’s world. We were not going to give that up.” Marc Faecher

Municipal Redevelopment

  • Council meetings where all voices are sought and heard
  • Transparent government including filming and live-streaming all Council meetings, the production of a new municipal website and Facebook page
  • Over 20 public meetings to discuss redevelopment and to obtain citizen input concerning the new Municipal Complex. As the direct result of that input, the new complex will be built on the grounds of the current center. It will be located on one of the “Four Corners” along with the volunteer renovated Veterans Memorial Park, Train Station, Mondelli and Peppertown Parks, forming the heart of Berkeley Heights. The complex includes Court and Administrative space, a new Library, Police headquarters, Recreation space, and a place for Senior citizens to call home.

“The combination of Green space and modern facilities together is truly special,”said Faecher.

YMCA and Community Pool

Council has agreed to a new lease arrangement with the YMCA that will result in keeping the Berkeley Heights Community Pool, provides immediate much needed facility upgrades and the construction of a brand new YMCA and pool that will offer recreational and gymnasium space to the Recreation Department, PAL, and other community groups.

“This partnership keeps the pool open, provides new recreational and family oriented facilities to our community without taxpayer burden, and keeps a vital stakeholder and community supporter in our Town,” remarked Faecher. “It truly is a Win/Win partnership,” said Kingsley.

The Kingsley and Faecher team has provided the leadership and collaborative action that has brought positive results to our community. “What perhaps is most special,” commented Cohen, “is that they have broad support throughout the community. They represent all citizens of Berkeley Heights and have been effective in working with residents, business and corporate neighbors, and our volunteers regardless of party affiliation. Their goal is only a strong, vibrant town that remains affordable for all citizens and provides the services and facilities they expect." 

"Please join us in voting for them in the Primary on June 6th. The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.” Heidi Cohen, Chairperson, Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee