WARREN, NJ -   Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to do something special for the loved one’s in our lives. Traditional gifts like cards, flowers and candy are great, but the brain training experts at LearningRx Warren say brain training is the best gift of all.According to Marcia Douglas, Owner/Executive Director of LearningRx Warren, “Advances in medical science prove the brain can be rewired, which means the way we think, reason, learn, remember and pay attention, isn’t set in stone. Our brains can always be changed and improved!  That’s why brain training is the best gift for you or anyone you love this Valentine’s Day.”

Douglas isn’t the only one heralding the benefits of brain training. The scientific evidence in support of brain training continues to grow each day. As renown doctor, researcher and author Dr. Norman Doidge, points out in his latest book, “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, which was released on January 27, 2015 and featured in the Wall Street Journal last weekend, mental  exercise is vital not only to keep the brain fit, but also to recover capacities lost to disease and trauma. Significantly, “mental exercise preserves and strengthens existing connections in the brain, giving a person a ‘cognitive reserve’ to fend off future losses and to perfect skills.”

And the benefits aren’t only for school aged children.  A study in last year’s Journal of American Geriatrics Society, found that adults who received as few as 10 sessions of mental training show benefits 10 years later. They didn’t just improve on the brain exercises, their cognitive function improved in everyday life. Earlier studies showed that the exercises increased a persons’ mental sharpness, so they could process information with the speed and accuracy they had when they were 10 years younger.

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, LearningRx Warren is “Sharing the Love” by offering children and adults the opportunity to test their brain skills to determine where their brain is performing well and where it could use a tune up! LearningRx uses the renowned Woodcock Johnson III Test of Cognitive Abilities, widely considered the gold standard for evaluating a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  During the promotional period, the Assessment, together with a Consultation with Douglas to review the results of the evaluation, is being offered for only $199 (reg. $299; elsewhere $600-$1200). As an added incentive, the Brain Training Center will also give each new student who enrolls in a program as a result of the “Share the Love” campaign a FREE Brain Skills program - a one year subscription for digital LearningRx brain training ($500 value).

 About LearningRx

LearningRx specializes in identifying and correcting the underlying cognitive skill deficiencies that keep people from achieving their full potential in school, business or life. Personal brain trainers use intensive one-on-one game-like exercises to quickly enhance weak cognitive skills such as attention, memory, processing speed, and problem solving. More than 25,000 students have gone through the training.

For more information about LearningRx or to schedule a brain skills assessment for yourself or someone you love call (908) 22-BRAIN, visit www.learningrx.com/warren, or stop by the Center at 34 Mountain Blvd., Bldg. C in Warren.

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