Our Township Council has made a number of critical decisions for our town that have accelerated our growth and enhanced our infrastructure and sense of community. Jeanne Kingsley and John Sincaglia have formed the center of that leadership.  We still have work to complete the vision of our town that our leadership has laid out. Now is not the time to lose momentum with inexperienced leadership without a clear vision for our community. We need leaders in Town Council that have the RIGHT experience.

We are facing a number of complicated and complex transactions in Berkeley Heights, that, when executed properly, will ultimately transform our community. We need leaders who have the professional skillset and experience to execute a plan in a timely manner, while capitalizing on their community expertise to ensure Berkeley Heights stays a vibrant, affordable, community-based town. 

The following experience matters:

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  • managing budgets and the ability to analyze transactions to ensure they fit within the scope of our community
  • creating public and private partnerships to find alternate funding for projects to enhance our community
  • interacting respectfully with attorneys, auditors, legislators, bond counsel,  developers and other community professionals, representing and not embarrassing our community  

This is not about political party—this is about the RIGHT choice of leadership to finish the job that has begun for Berkeley Heights.

Councilwoman Jeanne Kingsley and Candidate John Sincaglia have the experience and leadership to manage those critical, complicated and complex decisions while professionally representing Berkeley Heights.

VOTE November 7th Column B.  Polls open from 6am to 8pm.