To the Editor and Citizens of Berkeley Heights,

It is with extreme gratitude and appreciation that we would like to thank the people of Berkeley Heights for their support in the June Republican Primary. We are proud to have been selected to run for Mayor and Township Council in November.  Our message of working together to build the future of Berkeley Heights was well received, and the input shared by the citizens of our town throughout this campaign is paramount to the continued growth and development of our community. We would like to thank Mayor Joe Bruno for his service to Berkeley Heights and his participation in the Primary election.

Over the past several weeks, we have had the privilege of meeting and talking with many residents. Several opened their homes so that we could informally discuss the issues and challenges facing our community. We met with our dedicated first responders to hear their thoughts on how we can continue to ensure the safety of our citizens. We had the opportunity to meet with various groups, non-profit organizations, and businesses to hear their vision of the future of Berkeley Heights. We shared ideas and thoughts about how we can effectively move forward in the face of economic realities; how we can seek alternative and new sources of revenue; how we can improve our facilities and infrastructure; how we can continue to revitalize and improve our downtown.  We will continue to do so in the months ahead, because it is our belief that the future of our town does not depend on political affiliation, but on mutual respect and the continued partnerships between us.

We would also like to formally thank our Township Council, State Representatives, and Municipal Committee for their endorsement and encouragement. Our gratitude to the Woodruff, Kingsley & Faecher Team for their dedication and hard work for this campaign can hardly be expressed in words.  And a special appreciation for all those who shared our message via emails and phone calls informing and encouraging residents to become engaged not just in the election process, but the very essence of being a citizen of our community by contributing their thoughts and talents.  Lastly, we would like to thank our families for their patience, encouragement and never ending support.

A township becomes a community because of its people. We look forward to serving you, and ask for your continued input and support. Together we can build the future of Berkeley Heights.

Thank you,

Bob Woodruff, Republican Candidate for Mayor of Berkeley Heights
Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher, Republican Candidates for Berkeley Heights Township Council