To the Editor,

There is a clear choice for Town Council in the November fifth election. Choose the people who have kept the town portion of your property taxes low – Tom Pirone and Ed Delia.

There was a debate for town council, in which the challenger Stephen Yellin stated he wants to spend more money on the Department of Public Works because with more resources they could do more. I guess he believes they were not fully occupied with removing all the debris from the Halloween Storm of two years ago, Super-storm Sandy last year, fixing the flooding problems that had not been addressed for decades, on top of their normal maintenance of roads, vehicles and parks. Maybe he wants to hire more people. He said, "I do think our DPW deserves to have the resources it needs to speed up the process of fixing our roads." He said, "I think that's a tax increase people are willing to have." He again brought up the idea of turning our Sewer Plant into a cogeneration facility, something that is only done by Sewer Authorities (independent agencies with the autonomous power to tax the people for whatever they build). Every statement he made in the debate about improving your life included spending more of your money. He said, "If we're worried about losing re-election because we're going to increase taxes then we're in the wrong walk of life."

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He states that effective leaders need "good experience and wisdom going into what you are trying to do." If you agree with that statement, re-elect council members that have job experience both on and off the council: managing budgets, contracts and organizations, not the challenger who has none of those job experiences. In my four years on the council working on the budget year over year spending increases were the lowest of any four year period within the last one and a half decades. And yet services have been maintained. On November 5th vote for Tom Pirone and Ed Delia.

Thank you,

Tom Pirone