Dear Editor,

It is with complete enthusiasm and personal confidence I am supporting Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto for Town Council in the June 7th Republican Primary. I have met and worked with both Peter and Manny.  Without question, they have the true passion, energy, commitment, determination, and leadership skills to continue moving Berkeley Heights toward a strong future.  We need people such as them: individuals, who know how to separate fact from rumor, who understand the numerous factors affecting our town and the services provided to the residents.  They recognize everything cannot be funded with tax dollars and seek to join the Mayor and those Council members, who constantly meet with others to collaborate on the best way to seek new opportunities, such as grants and alternative funding.  They recognize legal mandates must be adhered to, while fully protecting the interests of our residents.  They understand Berkeley Heights has always had a downtown, which consists of both business and residential structures; and an attractive pedestrian-friendly-landscape design to maintain that small town feeling.  We need this kind of leadership from EVERY Council member!  The proof is in the successful partnerships, which have already begun.  There is far more to being an effective member of the Council than simply attending the meetings.  Attendance is important, but it is not the ONLY thing that is imperative! You need to have performed all the research with complete understanding of the issues beforehand to be fully prepared! If you have a different opinion or idea, you need to present it in a factual, meaningful way without exaggerations or blatant statements, which have little to no merit. Doing your homework and working together for the benefit of everyone in town is how things are accomplished!  Bavoso and Couto will do just that.  Please join me in supporting them on June 7.