To the Editor: My name is Tom Maciejewski. I am running for town council in Berkeley Heights as a libertarian on a platform of transparency. Under the recommendation of a few people around town I decided to run for this position. This is my first time running for any political office.   

Being new to politics I was shocked to see the that someone was able to fabricate such lies on a public forum because someone disagreed with my position on transparency, They resorted to libel and created a total fabrication of illegal activity. Since then this person silently admitted that these were lies by removing the libelous post.   

I felt it necessary to quickly and openly go on record to state that there is absolutely no basis in her horrific statements. I am deeply saddened that someone would go to such deceptive lengths to silence me for purely political motivations.  

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Tom Maciejewski 
Candidate for Berkeley Heights Town Council

Editor's Note: The Berkeley Heights Community Forum poster retracted the statement by posting the following on Sunday, June 27: "I would like to formally retract my post of the other day regarding Tom Maciejewski and his relationship to Silk Road marketplace. When I discovered what that was, in error I assumed that he was involved in it. I was wrong and I formally apologize for that statement. To my knowledge Tom Maciejewski is not nor has he been involved in drugs or porn."