The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) has reported that, in just three short months, 274 pounds of old or unwanted medications have been dropped off at the medication drop box in the Livingston Police Department lobby.  After the first weigh-in by Livingston Police, it's clear, this project is a success.  Residents are not hesitating to use this permanent disposal site, introduced at the end of June.

"The drop box has been well received by Livingston residents and we are pleased to see its success." says Joel Torres, ADAPT's Senior Coordinator.  "Prescription medication misuse and abuse is a growing issue in Essex County, New Jersey and across the country.  We are seeing an increasing number of young people abusing prescription medication.  Sadly they start with prescription medications and then often turn to heroin and other drugs as a "cheaper alternative."  People need to understand the proper way to dispose of their medications.  Flushing medications down the toilet, or throwing them in the trash poses safety and health hazards.  The drop box protects family members and the environment from these risks."

The Livingston drop box became a reality through the joint efforts of ADAPT, the Livingston Municipal Alliance and Livingston Police Department.   It is one of 6 in Essex County.  Others can be found by visiting the American Medicine Chest Challenge at

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"We hope other Essex County communities will see Livingston's success and be motivated to do the same for their residents. The number of medication drop boxes at police stations is growing across the country as people become more concerned as to what to do with unused medications." says Torres.  "ADAPT is here to help."

Livingston residents are encouraged to use the drop box located in the Police lobby.  Old or unused prescription medications and over the counter medications can be dropped off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no questions asked.

ADAPT, managed by FAMILYConnections, is a community coalition working to reduce underage drinking and drug use in Essex County.  Please visit to learn more, or contact Joel Torres, ADAPT Senior Coordinator at

FAMILYConnections is an Essex County non-profit counseling and family services agency.  To learn more, please visit