SUMMIT, NJ - Did you know that we have our own designer of women’s swimwear in our very neighborhood?  Lisa Curran, designer and founder of Lisa Curran Swim, has been designing sophisticated and chic swimwear for more than 10 years.  Her swimwear line has become one of the most sought-after collections, for its beauty, exquisite quality fabrics, attention to detail and custom fit.  Born out of her desire for a proper fitting bikini, Lisa Curran Swim filled a need in the swimwear industry.  Her collections have been featured in national publications like Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, Glamour, Elle, Shape, Fitness, Lucky and Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  But the real magic in Lisa’s collections, is that women of all sizes and shapes can feel beautiful in a swimsuit. 

I interviewed Lisa recently, to find out more, as the swimsuit season kicks into high gear …

Mel:  How did you find your way to creating and designing your own swimwear collection?

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LC:   I saw a void in the market.  Why were beautiful swimsuits not sold as separates?  And why do most European brands fit so tiny?  It wasn’t easy.  I first taught myself everything about swimwear.  How to make patterns, sizing, fabrics, etc…Then convincing the stores to buy some pieces.  But once the stores had good selling it got easier.  I look back on what I did and I still can’t believe it.  Someone once told me this and it is really true – if you are passionate about what you do and believe in it you can make it happen.

Mel:   What is your design approach?

LC:    It definitely depends on what I am feeling at the moment.  But I always know who I am designing for.  For example if I am designing a string bikini, I design it for that customer.  If I am designing a one piece for a young mommy I think about her needs.  Sometimes I go a little too “fashion” for the average person.  So I will make a suit for the fashion customer and then tone it down for the average woman.

Mel:   Who is the Lisa Curran Swimwear customer?

LC:     We have a big age range because we can fit the mom and her daughter.  I would say the average age is 25 to 50.  But we definitely have some younger college girls and some older women who are looking for something well made and that fits well.  All of our fabric is from Europe and all the swimsuits are made in the USA so the price point is a little higher.  If you are looking for something cheap and mass it is not our customer.

Mel:   Searching for the right swimwear can be terrifying for many women.  What advice can you give women to help them navigate this process?

LC:    It is even terrifying for me.  I get what they feel.  My 3 main tips are:
1. Get an opinion from someone you can trust
2. Shop somewhere you can mix and match
3. Don’t always follow trends. Go with what works best for your body type.
An example would be if a certain color is really popular or a print happens to be the print of the moment, but this color does not look great with your coloring.  Maybe try it in a cover-up or a beach scarf instead.  And stick with what works for you in a swimsuit.  It is the least amount of fabric you are wearing in public.

Mel:  What inspired you when you first started?  And your inspiration now?

LC:    When I first started it was all about fit and quality.  This past collection is all about the South of France in the 1960’s.  Especially the French Picot fabric and the stripes.

Mel:  Where can we find your swimsuits?

LC:, select Bloomingdale’s and specialty swim and clothing boutiques around the world.

Mel:  Many thanks, Lisa.