Chyten Educational Services in Millburn is hosting a workshop: Making the most of Spring College Visits for parents and students on Tuesday March 27 at 7:30pm.  Conducted by Chyten’s College Counselor, Melissa Rodriguez, this workshop will explore how to turn your college campus visit into a personal connection that will be reflected on the college application.

All high school students will discover how to get the most out of the visit by knowing:  what to do and what not do; what to ask and what not to ask; and, what to wear and what not to wear.  There will be tips, check lists, and examples so you don’t miss the finer points concerning academics, campus life, social opportunities, and more! You will also receive advice on how not to FORGET what you experienced.

Reserve your space today to attend the workshop.  Call Maureen McGovern 973-564-5220.  Chyten of Millburn, 227 Millburn Ave., Millburn, NJ 07401