Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes especially challenging during the holidays. Here are a few tips pdfto help you get through this season of food, family, and fun!

  • Have realistic expectations- The holiday season is not the best time to implement a strict diet plan. A more attainable goal for you would be to focus on maintaining your current weight.
  • Eat until you are full- Do not go beyond your limits. While we know that indulging in your favorite holiday treats is inevitable, know when your body is full and put the fork down.
  • Eat before the party- Before you go to the next holiday party or family get together, eat a small healthy snack like a Greek yogurt. Curbing your appetite with a small snack or meal will leave you less hungry for party temptations.
  • Eat the right party food- When you do go to the food table at the party, choose your food wisely and fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits.
  • Got water? - Water is an essential element in promoting overall health and wellness; we highly recommend increasing your intake especially during this time of year. Avoid beverages with alcohol, soda, and eggnog.
  • Stick to your daily calorie intake- This is where simple math comes into play. If you eat a little too much at that family luncheon, eat a lighter meal for dinner. You should be in control of your daily and weekly caloric intake.
  • Focus on the occasion and not the food- Remember, this time of year is about celebration and relationships. Time spent with loved ones is more valuable that the brief satisfaction and inevitable guilt with overindulgence.
  • Focus on non-food family activities- Avoid building gingerbread houses, decorating sugar cookies, and other food-related traditions. Instead, enjoy playing in the snow, reading Christmas stories, and even snuggling on a warm couch to watch holiday classics.
  • Bring your own food- Whenever possible, try to bring your own healthy holiday dish to the party.
  • Host your own party and focus on healthy holiday cooking- It is absolutely possible to host a holiday meal that is healthy and full of nutritional value. Do your research and plan holiday dishes that incorporate healthy substitutes for your traditional meals.

K Primary Care & Medical Nutrition Center wishes you Happy Holidays!!

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