TryCAN is excited to announce that it will be running a 4-week martial arts program in starting in January in New Providence for children with special needs.  Summit and residents from other communities are welcome to participate. We hope this program will give kids a nice taste of basic martial arts techniques, while having fun, getting some fitness work in, and deciding if this may be a sport they'd like to continue in the future.  Master Paul Del Sordo of Hwang Karate/Pediatric Martial Arts will be the instructor.  Master Paul runs Pediatric Martial Arts, the largest special needs martial arts program in NJ and has 15 years experience working with children with special needs in the martial arts field.  In our program, Master Paul will be using a traditional martial arts style called Soo Bahk Do.  Staff and peer mentors will be on hand as needed.
Prior to the class, a free orientation will be held Monday December 13 from 6:30-7:30pm to allow children and parents to become familiar with the program.  The program itself will run Mondays starting January 24 from 4:00-4:30pm .  A second class will run from 4:30-5:00pm if demand calls for it.  Orientation and classes will be held at the New Providence Municipal Center , 360 Elkwood Ave.  Participants will receive a shirt and white belt.  Registration is required for the orientation and for the program itself.  Register online at or call 908-464-4430.  The orientation class is free. The cost for the program is $20. 
TryCAN, a collaboration between Summit and other local communities, offers an array of recreation programs for children with special needs or those who need special accommodation.  There are no nonresident fees involved.