It's the end of the day, and you need a sanctuary. One that is calm and as well-appointed as the "common areas" in your home.

If you have spent much of your energy decorating the rest of your home but neglected your master bedroom, its time to pamper yourself with a "me" project. Here are six ways you can refresh and revitalize your most personal space:

1. Hang in There

Consider adding drapes, which will soften the overall feel of the room. Blinds and shutters can block the light, but drapes add color and texture, and frame windows nicely.

2. Step on It

Area rugs, especially in rooms with hardwoods, add warmth and definition. A good rule of thumb is to use a rug that runs under the bottom two-thirds of your bed and extends out around all three sides.

3. Lighten Up

Lighting is essential to both function and mood. Options include thinking grand and adding a spiffy chandelier, installing recessed lights, and changing out bedside lamps, which may be too small.

4. Table It

Think about going big by using a chest of drawers for a bedside tale, which will give you more storage and enhanced table top space for personal items, such as photos of your family or even a vase of flowers

5. Eye-Level Art

Hang photos, paintings and other wall decor at eye level, and make sure that you use size-appropriate art for the wall space. Over the headboard, this translates into art that runs two-thirds the width of the bed.

6. Pile It On

Layering bed linens is the ideal way to enhance the visual in your master retreat. Add a soft blanket atop the duvet, some throw pillows, and even new sheets or a bed skirt to complete the look.