Letter to the Editor:

I have great respect for anyone who volunteers to run for public office. However, individuals who seek the publics' trust have an obligation to refrain from making scurrilous attacks against their opponents. In the recent League of Women Voters debate, Democratic Township Council candidate, Bill Machado, to the complete amazement of all in attendance, accused the Township's elected officials of participating in graft and corruption. His running mate, Rina Franchino, did nothing to distance herself from such slanderous commentary. I encourage Mr. Machado and Ms. Franchino to bring any and all claims to the Union County Prosecutor and provide all relevant support for the same.

In the absence thereof, both owe an apology to each of the elected officials, as well as the citizens of Berkeley Heights. We are better than this and such extreme vitriol is destructive to common civility and the process of governance.