To the Editor:
In a recent letter to the editor a local resident expressed dismay at the fact that the pond on Horseshoe Road had been drained.  The apparent inference being that such was an irresponsible act done without concern for the ecosystem in the area.  I believe it is appropriate to set forth the facts surrounding what actions were taken and why.

The Horseshoe Road pond has been the sight of a Police Department-PBA sponsored fishing derby for forty years.  Many residents and their children have spent countless hours enjoying the event.  Prior to 2002 the pond was becoming more and more “unfishable” due to the overgrowth of weeds.  Something had to be done.  With the authorization of the Township Council, professionals were consulted to address the problem.  It was determined that an aeration system be installed and same was done with Township funds.  It must be understood that each prior year various PBA members would wade the pond and clear it of excessive fauna in order for the derby to continue.  The aeration system, as well as other township improvements to the pond have provided a more ecologically sound system while respecting our obligation to the environment.

This year, due to the excessive growth that has accumulated in the last ten years or so, it became necessary, with the assistance of Township employees, to drain the pond.  In doing so, some water life was impacted.  At the same time, township employees transferred certain species, some of which could be destructive to the ecosystem, to another location. 

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This pond is spring fed and it is expected to be filled prior to the anticipated late April date for the PBA Fishing Derby.  Our citizens are indebted to our police officers who have given countless hours over the years to ensure that this tradition continues in an appropriate setting.  Further, they are responsible for having stocked thousands of dollars worth of trout over these many years.

While everyone has a right to voice their respective concerns, I would ask that often times an answer to an issue can be easily achieved by simply inquiring of Township  representatives.